January 6

Family Events

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Family Events

“Discover How Our Unique Programs Of Comedy and Magic, Will Make Your Organization’s Event Unforgettable, Entertaining, and Fun!”

Dear Event Planner:

Making your organization’s function memorable is a difficult task. You want it to be fun and extra special – all while staying within a budget.

What Really Makes An Event Unforgettable?

Quality entertainment that gets everyone involved and keeps them laughing is one of the major keys to making your event dynamic and impressive.

But there are so many options to choose from. Do you hire a band? A disc jockey? A piano player? A speaker? It’s frustrating to try and figure out something that will please everyone, isn’t it?

The Unique Solution That You Need:

My name is Mark Mysterrio and I am a professional magician who specializes in helping make special events memorable and fun. My clients include Garfield’s, Pizza Hut, Muller’s & Myplace, and many more.

So why should you have me entertain at your function?

Five Times More Fun Then Any Other Entertainer!

Sure there are a lot of good entertainers out there BUT none of them even come close to offering such total entertainment packages. Check it out for yourself!

1. Comedy!!!: You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during my clean, and very funny programs.


2. More Audience Participation Than You Can Shake A Stick At. Keeping a family audience’s attention can be a difficult task. Getting them involved in the show is a sure fire way to insure success! Everyone helps make the magic happen, is treated with respect, and has a great time participating in the show!

3. Unbelievable Magic & Fun. Even after you see this, you won’t believe it.

4. Personalized Shows. Every performance is individually tailored for your organization.

5. Free Magic Tricks. All my entertainment packages include up to 75 FREE magic tricks for you to give to your guests. These cost the group nothing and everyone gets to take home something unique to remember the event by!

Three Entertainment Packages
Guaranteed To Make Your Event
More Fun, More Memorable, More
Incredible, More Dynamic, And
More Enjoyable Than Ever Before…

The Silver Walk- Around Magic Package

One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure that your guests start having fun right away…minutes after they arrive.

You’ll be delighted as you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 7 minute shows which include incredible magical effects with personal objects.

This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of “mingling magical” entertainment is perfect for festivals or as before dinner entertainment. It will leave the impression you desire!

The Gold Package

Should this much fun be banned? A 40 minute stage show that includes baffling demonstrations of magic, hilarious comedy,  tons of audience interaction.  plus…

The World Famous Live Rabbit – Snowie!!!

Everyone yells the magic words at the end of the show and makes Snowie the Rabbit appear! The audience goes crazy and everyone gets to come up afterwards and meet him.

Included with this package are FREE magic tricks for all of the children! They’ll all go home and show their friends and family some magic and tell everyone how much fun they had at your event!

Clean and funny, quality family entertainment!!!

The Platinum Package

This deluxe combination package includes one hour of my walk-around magic and the complete 40 minute comedy magic  stage show!!!

It is an ideal partnership that will make your important event extra, extra special!

How To Make This Year’s Event
The Best Ever…

Okay, Mark, Everything Sounds Great…Now What?

Simply pick up the phone and call me or email me at the address below. We can discuss your event in detail. You can ask ANY questions you have. In fact, I’d really appreciate you calling and letting me know what you think. I am not going to try to “sell” you, so you can relax—no pressure—I’m here to answer your questions and help you make your special event the best ever!

I am looking forward to hearing from you:


Mark Mysterrio -WRHM

Tell us about your event and we’ll
send you a FREE, customized report on
“How We Can Make Your Event
The Best Ever – GUARANTEED!!!”

We will also send you our eye-opening
“The Ten Biggest Mistakes
Event Planners Make When Booking
Entertainers & How To Avoid Them!”

This is extremely important information
you must before you plan your event!


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