January 5

Monroe County Birthday Party

Engage the service of a magician for your Monroe County birthday party. There is one Monroe County magician who can help to make your event unforgettable and fun.  That magician has been entertaining audiences like yours since 1986 when he got out of high school.

Living in a small town he Mark realized quickly that they best way to do things was to provide a service that people wanted and that he was good at. So, Mark because a magician and he has never looked back. After all these years he has very few regrets and is well respected in the community. Many of the people in the county will tell you that Mysterrio is the ‘go to’ magician in Monroe County PA.

Mark Mysterrio is the Monroe County birthday party magician and does over 300 shows each year on average. Now, that count does not just take into account the birthday events. That number includes daycares, nursing homes, fairs, festivals, BBQ’s and much more.

You never know where you might see The Mark Mysterrio Show. We go from PA to NJ to NYC and the list goes on and on. We do full length tours and mini tours too. When you find us in Monroe County chances are we are at a family event. We create unforgettable magical programs for people of planet earth. As one woman put it, if you live on earth and don’t use Mark Mysterrio, you must be from another planet. We though that was very funny too. However, it just goes to show how much our clients really love and appreciate what we do.

When we do a Monroe County Birthday Party we give it 200 percent. We do whatever we can to make sure that our clients are getting the services that they need and we are working within their price range and expectations. The Mr. Mysterrio Show would have it no other way.


December 3

Holiday Magician In PA

As you look for a Holiday Magician in PA, remember that we are here to help you. Why go to some high priced entertainment agent and get a low rate magic guy fresh out of high school? There is often no need to use an agency because all you are doing is getting a low priced magician who is being sold at top dollar.

When you want a magician for your event, what you really want is a professional magician. That means that the magic dude does over 300 shows a year and has no other job. Too many so called magicians work at some retail giant and do shows on the weekend or their days off. Is that want you want to hire? The part time guy who does it on the side? NO! You need a professional.

You need Mark Mysterrio anywhere in the Eastern PA and Tri-state areas. Mark is the area’s fun-est magician. That isn’t a title he gave himself, it is what his clients tell him.

This magical world is fun and exciting, fresh and new. No two shows are alike for Mysterrio and that means that you and you audience are going to love the show each and every time. When it comes to a holiday magician in PA, Mysterrio is the go to guy.

Who you gonna call when you need to make sure that the show is awesome? Yep, call on The Mr. Mysterrio Show. It is as simple as that. It’s  call or click away. You can always dial us up at One, Eight,Seven,Two,Two, One, Six, Two,Four,Four, Two. (1872 – 216-2442)

You can always email us too. Our email is: MrMysterrio@yahoo.com Now that you have several methods to contact us, please know that we will not hard sell you when you contact us. If we are booked or if we are not the right magicians for you, we will tell you and help you find the right person.

Your search for a holiday magician in PA is over, it starts and ends with Mister Mysterrio and friends. We will help you create an unforgettable and fun holiday show. Speaking of holiday shows, I have to get out the door because I don’t want to be late for my date with a jolly ole elf. We are meeting up for a cup of Joe and some cookies. We hope you enjoy your holiday season and please reach out to us if you have any questions or need to find the perfect holiday magician in NJ, NY or PA.


November 18

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August 29

What Does Camp Crane, A Magician And A Fair Ground Have To Do With One Another?

Good Ole Jasper was around during the days of WWI but perhaps he was just a kid. Jasper is not the magician we are talking about, we are talking about Mark Mysterrio the magician. As you might already know, Mark Mysterrio and Anna will be at The Great Allentown Fair 2017.

According to the fair website, the fair grounds were host to Camp Crane around 100 years ago.  The boys of WWI got some training  here before going off to war. Needless to say, the fair did not go one for those few years. However, this is the 165th year of the fair and Mark & Anna will be doing a fun show at the fair.

You never know who might be around at The Allentown Fair. So, come out early and grab a seat. There will be magic shows, great food, fun for everyone and so much more. Regardless of if you are new to the fair or have been going for years, this year’s fair isnot to be missed.

Mark & Anna and The Mr. Mysterrio Show can’t wait to see you at the Allentown Fair. So, see you at the show.

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August 26

2017 Allentown Fair Gets More Magical

What do we mean when we say 2017 Allentown Fair Gets More Magical?  Well, we are glad you ask. This year at the Great Allentown fair we will have a number of magicians. Allentown Anime Magician Mark Mysterrio will be there and so will Great Scott.

The Mr. Mysterrio Show started doing the show around 2010 but, Mark Mysterrio did the Allentown Fair many years before that as the magician for a sideshow that came to town. We are talking about the mid 1980’s. Yeah, Mr. Mysterrio has been a magician that long. Now that Mark has Anna helping him in the act, it’s better than ever.

Anna and Mark got some kiffles on the way back from a show once and things have not been the same since. Anna is now a kiffle addict and is currently in kiffle withdraw but rumor has it, she’ll be fine in time for the Allentown Fair 2017.

The Mr. Mysterrio Show along with Anna and Mark are firm believers that life should be filled with fun along your magic carpet ride. As a result, they do things they love to do in the magic act and off stage. Mark and Anna once walked around an anime convention dressed as  Sora and Shiro and no one even knew. They don’t talk about it much and you might only find it here.

During the Allentown fair 2017 Anna and Mark will be walking around, but, they will not be dressed up like anyone other than the magicians they are. Who knows, you might find them n the audience of someone else’s show. Be sure to look for them and make sure you say hello if you see them.

At The Great Allentown Fair 2017 you never know where the magic carpet ride will take you and that is half the fun. There will be action packed games, rides that are fun, relaxing and exciting too. Let’s not forget all the fair foods. As far as food we can find fried oreos, cotton candy, popcorn and who knows what else?

The fair also has ‘real’ food too. You can even go to the sit down restaurant and grab a bite to eat before going to the show or on your next ride. Anna and Mark are often seen getting a bite before and after the show. Truth is….they both like to eat. Mr. Mysterrio is currently watching his sugars but, he says that he will watch them close at Allentown. They will go in his mouth for sure during fair week.

Allentown fair gets more magical every year and Mark and Anna are proud to be a part of The Great Allentown Fair 2017.


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August 25

Allentown Fair 2017 Full Of Magic

Allentown PA- Well, it might be true that Miss Deborah no longer works with SaikouMagician Mark Mysterrio and The Mr. Mysterrio Show, but, that’s alright. You can rest assured that Mr. Mysterrio is doing just fine with his new assistant Anna Banana by his side. We caught up with this man of magic at a Mady’s Snowday  and he had this to say: ” I wasn’t really sure where the show was headed after Miss Deborah flew off  with her Adarna bird to cosplay with her son and his little friends, However, it doesn’t matter. I found Anna and she has brought the show to new levels.” Mysterrio went on to say: “Anna and I just work together. There is true magic that happens in that moment when we grace the stage and start to do our thing. It makes the show much more unique. To top it off, I’ve been getting more shows since other assistants have flew the coop.”

Allentown Fair 2017 will be full of magic this year. According to press people for The Mr. Mysterrio Show, Anna has an injury to her foot at the current time but, she will still be ready for the Allentown Fair show. Mr. Mysterrio assures us that the magic will be fun and exciting and Anna will still be doing her part even if she has to wear a boot or remain seated.

Just as the sun goes up and down, just as the earth spins, Just as there will always be super-heros, Mysterrio & Anna will be bringing magic to the fair. That is not to say they will be the only magicians at this year’s fair however. The Great Scott will be there with his wife on the outside doing their show too. You can rest assured that you will be getting your share of magic at the years Great Allentown Fair 2017.

Allentown Fair 2017 is sure to make everyone happy. There will be food and games, free entertainment and so much more. Imagine, all of this priced lower than the cost of an anime convention or a day at the movies. If you need information about the fair, you can find it on the Magic Allentown Fair 2017 Q&A page located here.

This is a special time for the fair, it celebrates the 100 years Camp Crane. You can check that out on the fair’s home page. This is the 165th year of the fair, Mark Mysterrio has not been there all 165 years however, he has been on the stage inside the Agri-plex for a long time.

Anna and Mark are looking forward to a great time at this year’s fair. Allentown Fair 2017 will only happen once, so, get out and enjoy the fair and all the stuff that goes with being at the fair. We hope to see you at The Great Allentown Fair 2017. If you want to get into the fair for free, keep a look out for Mark Mysterrio’s special give away. Who knows, you might get into the fair on Mysterrio’s dime if you play your cards right.




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August 21

Allentown Fair Magician

Allentown PA – There is magic in the air at this year’s Allentown Fair. As we head toward the fair gate, we start to get a feeling that something fun is going to happen. This is often the case when we go to the fair. Let’s face it, not many people stand in line and pay the admission to break through the gates and have a lousy day.

When we go to the fair, we expect to have some fun and this year’s Allentown Fair held in Allentown PA is sure to please. Let’s face it, you might not find a cosplayer all dressed up and walking around in center city, but, you find countless games, ride, booths, things to eat, places to see exciting stuff and magicians. Allentown Fair Magician Mark Mysterrio will be on hand this year to make the magic happen inside the agri-plex. Don’t worry if it is hot out because there is air conditioning inside this location.

This year on Centennial Stage there are a wide number of acts that will be taking the stage. You can see a full line up by clicking the Allentown Fair Centennial Stage link here. This stage is run by my good friend Jeanine Villano-George. This lady does a great job making sure that the acts go off without a hitch and her selection of entertainment is just awesome year after year.

To date, I might be the only Allentown Magician working this stage. I hope you can stop by and grab a seat for one of our shows. If all goes well my co-star Anna Banana will be joining me. Currently Anna is recovering from a sprained ankle.(OUCH!) and we did have to turn away a few shows just to make sure that she heals for the Great Allentown Fair. I know Anna does not want to miss the fair this year.

As Anna likes to say: “Show Me To The Stage!”

Anna has been on stage many times, not just with Allentown Fair Magician Mark Mysterrio. Anna has her own band and loves to sing at local gigs whenever she can. Mr. Mysterrio tries to get her to sing in the magic show, but, so far, it has only happened once. The funny part is, she sang onstage during The Great Allentown Fair a few years back.

One thing we love about the Mr. Mysterrio Show is that you never know what routine we are going to do in the show. We try to keep it fresh and exciting. Anna and Mysterrio are always coming up with new ideas to keep the act fresher than a chicken’s egg.

With any luck this Allentown Fair Magician will get to meet each and every one of you at this year’s Allentown Fair. If you like Magic you are in for a real treat because Scott’s Future Of Magic show will be outside in Agri-Plex Square. You can see his show times by clicking here.

Have no fear, we have no problems working with or along side another magician. This is not a magic contest, it is a fair where they are offering you some great entertainment. We got to catch Dale Scott’s act last year and it was a fun time for us. It’s great to sit in the audience and just watch a magic show. Having said that, please come and see all the magic you can shake a magic wand at with us at The Great Allentown Fair. We will see you at the Fair.

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August 19

Magician Saves The Day

First let me start by telling everyone that I love my job. My job as a magician is very rewarding. I get to work with people from all walks of life and enjoy my work. Today I got an email from a client and she told me that she loved the show. I’ll post the review in the next few minutes here on the site.

I love being a ‘SUPER HERO’ to so many people. Magicians might have been the first Super Heros. Some people go to a cosplay show held in a local hotel and pay countless dollars to dress up and become some one they admire. For me, as a magician, I get to dress up, embrace my personal power, do magical things in both real life and on stage. I also get to make money and have enough to pay it forward.

I get to do all of this and so much more, not just once a year at a small dress up convention, but, I get to do it 365 days a year for the rest of my life. How awesome is that? I say: Pretty Awesome!

So, here is that review. As you can clearly see, The Mr. Mysterrio Show featuring Mark Mysterrio World Record Holder & Magician offers a five star magician that people seem to love.

Here is the review:

Date Submitted: Friday, Aug 18, 2017 18:37 pm
Name: Dingmans Ferry Historical Society
Rating: Overall Rating: 5
Service: 5
Responsiveness: 5
Expertise: 5
Results: 5
Communication: 5
Review Title: A Magician Saves The Day
Review: Last night we had a community event attended by over 100 people. Not everything went as planned and the evening might have been a disappointment had it not been for MR MYSTERIO. He captured the attention of everyone in the room turning the event around with lots of laughter and applause! He delighted us all – young and old. Great fellow – Great performer!


How awesome is that?  Just call Me SaikouMagician! (Saikou meaning best) (Magician meaning some dude with years of experience that does magic full time at not just an anime convention but at any event.)

The Morning Call newspaper covered Mr. Mysterrio long before there were any anime conventions in Allentown. This was back in the day, before fake news sites and fake magazine sites popped up on the internet.

I’ve always said that an act is only as good as their audience allows them to be. My positive reviews are just proof in the pudding that The Mr. Mysterrio Show is all we claim it is. The internet is full of, how do we say this, less than 5 star reviews. It’s not what we say about the act that matters. What matters is what others say about us.

Perhaps that is just one reason why this review touched my heart. What a person says about themselves is always suspect. However, what someone else says about us is often the truth. Keep that in mind when you ask a magician for reviews or to put you in touch with a past client or agent.



July 24

Pocono Birthday Party

If you or someone you know is having a Pocono birthday party, you have come to the right place. We create unforgettable magical programs for people of planet earth. The Mr. Mysterrio Show wants to provide you with the most awesome birthday magic show available.

Mark Mysterrio does get confused with other magicians in the area by some people. The reason why is simple, there are four or more magicians with the first name of Mark in the Poconos. Having said that, once you see Mysterrio’s show and get to know him, you will never make that mistake again. The Mark Mysterrio Show is unique and always changes unlike many of the other shows in the area.

A Pocono birthday magician who offers a Pocono birthday party magic show should be able to change the show to suit the needs of his clients and their guests. Too many magicians are under the impression that the show is about the magic they do or them. A magician should never have so much ego that they forget that a magic show is about entertaining people of all ages. It is about making the birthday child be a star and feel as important as he or she is on their special day.


 I love this photo of a boy and his dog. The reason is simple, the puppy makes the boy feel happy. At the same time, the boy makes the puppy feel needed. A good Pocono Magician who is helping to celebrate a Pocono birthday party should create the same feeling. The child needs the magician to entertain and the magician should get a thrill from bringing that magic show to the children and adults in the audience.

Too many people simply hate their jobs and as a magician, we should never hate or dislike a job that we chose to do. As a magician I never got that. When other magicians tell me that they just did a show they hated, I am always like, Why? I remind them, they chose to be a magician and do that event. They (the magician) are to blame, not the child or the audience. I guess that might be one reason other magicians don’t always like me. I’m okay with that.

I want to make sure that I enhance your Pocono birthday party. It’s that simple. As a result, I go out of my way, above and beyond what you might expect a birthday magician to do.

Before I book a Pocono Birthday Party I often ask a parent what they want to see a magician do. I can tell from their answer who’s show they have seen and what magician that might have already talked to. It helps me to get a grasp on their real expectations. It also helps me to make sure that they are getting a show that is right for them.

I love doing magic shows and seeing the thrills on the faces of the audience members. This is my only job and I love to entertain. I hope and trust that my audience members and their guests love what I do and their own interaction because that is what makes the magic happen.


July 20

How To Find A Cheap Magician For Hire

So, if you have been researching the internet for terms like how to find a cheap magician for hire, you may land on a page like mine. Congrats! Now that you found Mr. Mysterrio well will have a conversation an I will give you some helpful tips.

The first thing I will tell you is that I have been in the magic business since 1986. I started fresh out of high school because I could not keep a job to save my life. So, why should you listen to me? Simple, I’ve been around the magic show block and back several times.

Since you want to know how to find a cheap magician for hire, I’m going to tell you. However, before I do, please think about what you really want. Let me ask you something.

Do you want the cheapest magician or do you want a god magician who provides you the most value for your money? You see, the cheap magician might not be good and I assure you, a good magician is not cheap. Now, having said that, there are some magical programs that provide more value for your hard earned dollar and they are sure to please and be affordable too.

So, the secret of  how to find a cheap magician for hire is to stop looking for cheap and look for value. A good magician can do so many things that will provide value for your family and their guests. That magician can work around any event or theme. They will offer you other things that are included as part of the show. These items and things are unique to them and only them.

For example: coloring posters, t-shirts – books- video- a special gift for the birthday child – a gift for every child- loot bags – magic trick bags and the list goes on and on. It is not the items that matter, it is more that the magician is giving you more bang for your buck.

So, do not hire the cheapest magician you can find because you will look cheap and so will his act. Now, that is not to say that you can’ catch a really cheap promotion from time to time. Magicians do this to get people to know, like and trust their services. Please keep all of these things in mind when you engage you next magician of entertainer. Another thing to keep in mind is that when people try to add on a service like a candy cart or moon bounce or face painting, the only real reason they are doing that is to part your hard earned dollar from your pocket. Now, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Mysterrio can offer you all or most of those services, but, we would never sell you a service you didn’t want or need. We do know other magicians in our local area who will. Don’t fall for those tricks and step ups. Only buy the services you want and need. That is the best way to hire. Now you know  how to find a cheap magician for hire. Call us at 1 872 21 MAGIC