'Looking For The Funniest Magician On The Planet?"

We Found Him For You! You Will Love Mark Mysterrio, We Guarantee It In Writing!

About Mr. Mysterrio

What Mysterrio’s  Clients Have Said:


“WOW! Mark Mysterrio, your show was a huge hit! Everyone loved it! We had such wonderful feedback. Your show is always fresh and new even after working with us for over five years.”Wanda Lasher

ChairpersonCrystal Street Block Party


“The Mr. Mysterrio Show was incredible! Mysterrio helped to make our guests very happy. Thank You!” When Mr Jones came in with his upset attitude, you got him laughing and feeling much better.  Great Job!

Robert Johnstone

The Rainbow Room

The Great Allentown Fair

Mark Mysterrio’s Show is compelling, interactive and professional. An excellent addition to any Fair, Festival, Corporate or Private event .

Jeanine Villano-George

Superintendent Centennial Stage The Great Allentown Fair

A Magician Saves The Day

Last night we had a community event attended by over 100 people. Not everything went as planned and the evening might have been a disappointment had it not been for Mr Mysterrio.  See you next year.

Dingmans Ferry Historical Society

Important Information About
Mark Mysterrio And How He Can Make
Your Events More Impressive, Fun and Exciting Guaranteed!

A Proven Track Record…

Mark Mysterrio is a professional magician with over 15 years of experience. He has successfully created and presented programs for corporate clients, church groups and family gatherings, Garfield’s Restaurant, Muller’s and My Place and many others.

Mysterrio’s experience and proven track record means that you can rest assured that all of Mysterrio’s programs are appropriate, professional and entertaining.

More Than Just An Entertainer…

Mysterrio combines his experience in motivational speaking, writing, sales training and marketing to create unique presentations to fulfill the needs of the community.

Why Should You Work With Mysterrio?
After Mysterrio performed at the Crystal Street Block Party, a woman who had just seen his program, went up to the organizer of the event and said: “ I have never been more entertained or had so much fun in my entire life. I’ll be talking about this day for a long time. Thank You.” If that is the kind of result you desire, than Mysterrio can help you achieve it. Mark Mysterrio’s Goal Is To Make Your Establishment or Event A Success!

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