Mark Mysterrio's Amazing Events


This show is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fun show. This show can be used for an everyday experience to brighten the day. It’s an amazing show, it just has no theme other than being fun and that is one of Mr. Mysterrio’s most amazing talents. The children are the real stars of the show in this magic carpet ride of fun. Can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.

Mark Mysterrio’s Magic Holiday Seasonal Spectacular

This program features Amazing Magic, Clean Comedy, Storytelling, Audience Participation along with SANTA speaking to the children directly from the North Pole. 

Yes, this program has all the elements of a school field trip. All from the comfort of your own preschool center. It’s a secret recipe for non-stop fun. In addition to magic, comedy, and storytelling, we have several appearances of everyone’s favorite “Jolly Ole’ Elf” that talks to the audience directly from the North Pole using the modern technology of Santa Time.

Santa Time is the latest technology that Santa uses to show himself to the audience right on your TV or Computer Screen. A sure-fire hit for the holidays.

Mark Mysterrio's Not Scary Halloween Magic Show

“Mr. Mysterrio Not So Scary Halloween Magic Show is a guaranteed way to lessen your October stress so you can enjoy Fall like a kid again. This 30-minute program uses MAGIC, SILLY COMEDY, STORYTELLING, & PUPPETRY to teach important Halloween safety lessons.

Frosty’s Birthday Party:

This is a great show for the winter months – Jan, Feb and March. It is packed with stuff the children love and there are a few bonus gifts for the daycare or preschool center mixed in there too. This whole show is based around the story of Frosty and will have the children singing along in no time. This show runs 40 minutes but can be extended or shortened as needed.

Fun In The Sun Beach Magic Show:

This is all about having a beach party We like to do these during the coldest months of the year but, we do them year-round.
We transform the entire show area into a beach-style setting. We even bring the beach balls with us. You can almost feel the sun in your face and the sand between your toes. It’s all about celebrating Summer even if it’s cold outside. This show is 40 minutes in length.

“Discover The Ultimate In House Field Trip Pre-School Experience. It’s A Magic Carpet Ride Full Of Fun And Excitement That Is Guaranteed To Make Your Center A Whole New Level Of Fun.”

Mr. Mysterrio ‘s Pre School Magic Shows are always full of fun and excitement. How can we describe them? Well, they are like going on a field trip without the hassle of leaving the preschool environment. Just imagine all of the children having fun and interacting with the magician and being part of the show. We call these Amazing Events.

The Magic Show Offers So Many Options…
The Amazing Event shows that Mark Mysterrio offers are tailored to your needs and wants. The programs can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be themed around almost anything. A few of our amazing and most requested shows are listed. It is important to keep in mind that some of them are seasonal and some run all year long. So, if you aren’t sure, Just Ask!.

What Makes Mark Mysterrio The Expert In His Field? Watch This Interview With Former International Disney Illusionist And TV Host Brad Ross.

3 Reasons Why Mark Mysterrio Is The Most Requested Pre-School Entertainer:

AMAZING MAGIC – Children love to experience magic. This can be one on one or in a large group setting. Magic makes the children have fun and interact with both the magician and the people watching the magic happen. Magic can also have many educational benefits too. Mark Mysterrio’s Show is packed with the magic everyone loves.

Story Telling – With all most every magical moment comes a story or tale that is designed to encourage the children to use their imagination and creativity. Story telling is fun and allows children to use both their imagination and their creative as well as listening skills.

Interactive Fun – With The Mr. Mysterrio Show the whole show is interactive for the children who want to participate. It starts with a warm up routine and encourages the children to have fun and be who they are. Mr. Mysterrio has a firm belief that every child should have fun and be able to be the star that they are. During The Mr. Mysterrio Show children are allowed and encouraged to have more fun than you can shake a stick at.

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