A few months back we took a cruise and went to Florida, The Bahamas, and several other places. The cruise was unforgettable and so was the food. However, the food was not the only remarkable thing on the cruise. The whole experience is one that we will never forget. We were fortunate to see an amazing magician. Now, it is no secret that I am a magician and together with my life partner Taylor, we own a cruise booking site called Amazing Cruise Vacations. We started this site to help other people secure their cruise knowing that so many people who book anything these days don’t offer great customer service.

It amazes me how much empathy and customer service have gone down over the last few years. Every time I book a hotel, a vacation, or go out to dinner I wonder do I have to fear the customer experience level that is going to be offered to me? I found that people booking cruise vacations were also starting to fall into this category and I know that many people are turned off by that. This is why we founded our own travel line. Regardless, what I really wanted to talk about was the magician we saw on our last cruise. His act was not the run of the mill magic show you may expect. He really gave magic a refreshing twist. We are very happy that our experience was enriched by his show. Now I have to call Wonderful Cleanouts and have some trash removed.  Enjoy your day.