If you look at the listings for a birthday magician long enough you are bound to see where people say things like: so and so the magician is your full-service entertainment company. This magician is serving audiences from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Some of these entertainers love to talk about what they do. The problem is that it is often done from their perspective and it never seems to be about the people who use their service. They say: our services include this and that or we entertain children, mixed audiences and blah blah blah. Another popular one is We work with balloon guys, face painters, clowns, jugglers, and blah blah blah. By the time you are down reading everything they have to sell you, often you are left confused as to what they really do. This is where you have to ask yourself: Are you looking for a birthday magician or a jack of all trades magician?

I am not saying anything bad about another magician. What I am saying is that when you are looking for a birthday magician in your local area, you deserve more. You need a family friendly entertainer who is a specialist and not a jack of all trades. Let’s look at if this way, If you have a bad tooth, you may go to the hospital and get pain relief or an antibiotic. However, a dentist or a specialist is going to take care of the problem, right? I mean, the podiatrist is not going to extract it or give you a root canal, is he?  Of Course Not!  Now, since we know that it requires a specialist, why is your birthday party any different? Do you really want the guy who shows up smelling like the night is still young at your child’s party? NO! You want an expert who knows what they are doing.

A birthday magician should be someone who specializes in family entertainment. Knowing that you have a specialist and not a jack of all trades magician will lead to getting the most out of your birthday party. If you are looking for a specialist in the area of a birthday magician, Mark Mysterrio is here to help. You can call his office at 1-872-21-MAGIC

Like many other magicians, Mark can entertain a mixed audience, however, his specialty is being an expert birthday magician. Mr. Mysterrio understands the business of magic and is ready to make your next birthday event a success. Visit his birthday magician site by clicking here.  On that site, you can watch his interview with Mr. Brad Ross and learn more about what makes Mr. Mysterrio so special and an expert in his field.