Are You Looking For Great East Stroudsburg Magicians For Parties and Events But Could Use A Little Help?

If you are looking for an East Stroudsburg PA Magician to make your next event unforgettable and fun, you are in the right place at the right time. Mark Mysterrio is a World Record Holder & Magician who has been in the magic business since 1986.

There are many things to look at when you are comparing one East Stroudsburg magician to another.

1. Is the magician a full time, professional or someone who just does shows on the week end? I mean let’s face it, if he works and has a full time job, magic is his hobby and not his profession.

2. Does the magician specialize and more importantly, does is work one hundred percent  in family entertainment market? Let’s face it, you don’t want to hire the guy who is working for corporate America and does birthdays on the side. You want a seasoned professional.

3. Are they easy to work with? Is the magician reliable? You really want to know this before you hire them.

East Stroudsburg Magician Mark Mysterrio is a PA Party Magician from The PA/NJ Area. Mark Mysterrio has been doing Birthday Magic Shows since 1986. Mark Mysterrio, a professional magician since 1986, the star of a DVD series for children, and is working on his own cable TV-Show, “Mysterrio’s Magic Happening!” Mysterrio will present wonderful magic where the audience members can be the star of the show.

Master Magician Mark Mysterrio has entertained at, Garfield’s in the Stroud Mall, The Shawnee Playhouse, Gorman Chiropractic and countless Birthday magic shows with his unique blend of family fun, comedy, magic, and audience participation! Mysterrio’s show has been seen by audiences the world over and is sure to enchant audiences of all ages.

Mark Mysterrio, a life-long Pocono native, appears at about 300+ events annually in addition to appearances at conventions, theaters, and schools across the country. He is highly respected in the magic community as one of the country’s leading family magicians, and he recently completed his second book to help guide others in his field.

More About Mr. Mysterrio

Imagine a magic show so filled with laughter and amazement that your guests talk about if for months to come. Impossible? We guarantee it!

Mark Mysterrio is a World Record Holder & Magician who got his start doing magic in 1986. He has toured with a Circus Sideshow and does countless family magic shows each year. He holds 3 world records and was called the ‘Nathan Lane’ of Magic by Award Winning TV Magician ROCCO.

Mr. Mysterrio checks the EGO at the door and makes YOUR child the star of The Mr. Mysterrio Show. Perhaps that is why Mark is one of the most requested magician in East Stroudsburg PA.

The Mr. Mysterrio Show is tailored to your needs and can run for 30 minutes to 4 hours. It’s all about what your event needs. Feel free to contact us for more information by calling 1-872-21-MAGIC or emailing us at [email protected] You’ll be happy you did.

  • Need to Hire a Birthday Magician NJ Style?

    Magic has fascinated young and old alike since the beginning of time. Even the most basic magic
    trick of pulling a nickel from behind a child’s ear can make them squeal with delight. If you’re
    lucky enough to live in New Jersey – or nearby – you don’t have to look further than Mark
    Mysterrio of Birthday Magician NJ to get the best magician for your child’s party.
    Mark has built an impeccable reputation of delivering a clean, fun and fascinating show for any
    event. He’s professional and personable – and his love of kids and magic is obvious. As Mark
    Mysterrio moves effortlessly through his mesmerizing show, eyes grow larger and mouths gape
    open as magic tricks are revealed.
    If you’re thinking of hiring a clown to entertain at a birthday party – consider the Birthday
    Magician NJ instead. Your birthday event is sure to go down in party history as one of the best
    ever if you choose Mark Mysterrio – the most entertaining magician in New Jersey.

    Who Is the Best Birthday Magician NJ Has to Offer?

    Indisputably, the answer to that question has to be, “Mark Mysterrio!” Mark has built a
    reputation in New Jersey that other entertainers don’t even come close to. He’s known as
    Birthday Magician NJ and you’ll be able to get a good idea of his character and abilities as an
    entertainer by checking out his web site.
    Mark Mysterrio has been entertaining children and adults for years and his reputation has grown
    because people have found they can depend on him for good, clean fun and fascinating magic
    tricks that never fail to delight his audiences.
    Clowns are popular for kids’ parties – and anyone can put on a clown suit and make balloon
    animals — but a magician who really knows his stuff is harder to find. Mark has spent years
    developing his craft and you can tell by the results how well he’s succeeded.
    Watch the fascination on kids’ faces at the party and you’ll be happy you chose Mark Mysterrio
    to weave his magic. Birthday Magician NJ is the perfect entertainer for any event.

    Who Is The Birthday Magician NJ Parents Hire for Their Kids Parties?

    Parents in New Jersey are keen on hiring Mark Mysterrio, Birthday Magician NJ for all their
    kids’ big events. It’s easy to see why when you actually see Mark in action. His love of children
    is obvious as he interacts with them and “wows” them with his flawless trickery.
    Magicians are lots more fun than clowns – and much more entertaining. It’s your kid’s special
    day – no matter what the occasion – and, when you see the look on those little faces as they’re
    drawn into the world of Mark Mysterrio’s magic, you’ll be happy you chose Birthday Magician
    NJ for your child’s big event.
    You’ll want to be sure you’re choosing a professional magician. Kids are smart and they can spot
    a phony a mile away. A timely arrival, knowing how to make each kid (especially the birthday
    boy or girl) feel special and knowing the language and tricks that are appropriate for the age
    group are all important factors when choosing a magician.
    Mark Mysterrio of Birthday Magician NJ has meticulously built a reputation on these factors and
    more. He’s the top choice of New Jersey parents for kids’ events

    Growing up in East Stroudsburg , learning how to be a magician was difficult. There was no internet to order magic tapes or books yet. I often found myself begging my parents to drive me to into downtown library or anywhere I could find information on magic . This was because magic shops were located in the big city of NY. The itch to be a magician had set in at a young age. I found the best way to learn magic was to hang out with other magicians! Now, believe it or not, we have two clubs for local magicians.

    The first is called S.A.M. The Society of American Magicians is the oldest fraternal organization for magicians in the world. There are chapters all around the world and including here in East Stroudsburg PA. . Back when I first got involved, at 12 years old, kids weren’t allowed yet. They had to have a special voting session in order to determine if they could let me in early. I think they could all see my passion for magic and therefore made the exception to let me know. I am forever grateful as I learn a ton of fundamentals at these meetings. My fellow magicians were always very supportive. Back then the meetings would rotate amongst members’ homes. I recall convincing my parents to let me go to meetings with my friend and his dad.

    The other organization that is represented here is I.B.M. No not the company who makes the computers! The I.B.M. I am speaking of is The International Brotherhood of Magicians. They’ve always met at magic shows if there was one. However, in this day and age, the club meets at the local library which is not in East Stroudsburg, but, Stroudsburg PA. The one thing I loved is that all of the local magicians in East Stroudsburg seem to get along. Well, I should say, anyone involved with the East Stroudsburg magician club that is. 

    Looking for a Stroudsburg Magician is an easy thing to do. Finding the right magic man for your needs, well, that takes a bit more skill. Think about it, not all magicians are created equally. To be perfectly honest, some magicians don’t even know why they are the right fit for your event other than they feel they do magic and that should be enough. When looking for the right magic guy or girl, you need to be on the top of your game. It’s like war among magicians out there. Each magician will match the other’s price or come down by twenty five dollars or who knows what to get the job. Why you ask? Simple, the magic men who aren’t working full time are often dead on the vine an chomping at the bit to get work. Let me ask you something, is that really who you want to hire to do your event?

    Not every Stroudsburg Magician is dead on the vine and starving for work. Many of the world’s top magicians are full time professionals and are making a nice living by doing what they love. When you are looking for a magic person, be that a girl or guy, call on a local magician like Mr. Mark Mysterrio. Mr.Mysterrio is a world record holding magician who has won a few awards in his day. However, that is not what makes him the go to magician. It is his charming personality and the way that he relates to people. That is why so many people call on Mark to entertain at their birthday parties, daycare centers, church groups and so much more.

    If you need entertainment and are looking for someone with high quality customer service and a skill level that will impress, you can call on Mysterrio and he will do the very best.  He is the most requested Stroudsburg magician and he has been local to the area all of his life. You can call him at 1 872 21 magic.


East Stroudsburg Magician Wins Many Awards

Mark Mysterrio has been a pocono magician for many years. He has even belonged to the pocono magicians groups througout the years.In 2018 Mark, along with his assistant Miss Direction, set off to attend a marketing conference designed for magicians, entertainersand speakers. It was Mark’s first year attending the event and little did he know that he was about to win three awards.

Three awards is not a half bad accomplishment for a local East Stroudsburg Magician. It is important to keep in mind that this is an international competition and conference. People flock to this boot camp like convention from all over the United States, Canada and beyond. Anyone who meets the the guidelines can become involved wit the contest, however, there are only a limited number of spots available each year.

This contest is not for the faint of heart either. As Mysterrio noticed, you are put to the test when it comes to your marketing skills. You must present tried and true test marketed stuff that gets the desired results just to step onto the competition stage.Mr. Mysterrio knews it would be fun to give it the ole East Stroudsburg University try so to speak. As a result, he won three unique awards.

Mark Mysterrio has held his own as King of the entertainers in the Poconos Magicians ring for a long time, he is the most requested family entertainer in the tri-state area. As an East Stroudsburg Magician, Mark Mysterrio has done family shows, church groups, daycares, assisted living centers, nursing homes, worked for the C.A.B. at ESU and much more. Regardless of where or when people want or need entertainment, Mark Mysterrio is known as the go to guy in magic of East Stroudsburg. You can always reach him by calling 1-872-21-MAGIC even if you just want to see his many awards.

Pocono Magic Club Hits Facebook

The pocono mountains have had a local magic club for a long time. Today it is easy to keep up with all the East Stroudsburg Magicians and every magician in the Pocono Magician club. All you have to do is check out the Pocono Magician Facebook page.

The local President does a great job keeping all of the club members and the want to be members and guests in the know by using the Pocono Mountains Magic Club Facebook page. It only takes a second to log into facebook and see what is going on in the world of magic.

So, if you are a guest in the area or want o become a member, why not contact the President and see when the next meeting is. We know you will have a wonderful time and it is going to be magical too.

Stroudsburg Birthday Magician Keeps Party Rolling!

As an entertainer I have seen a small truckload of awesome parties in my day. Just so you know, my day isn’t over yet, however, my magical day started in 1986 when I was fresh out of high school and needed to find some work that I really enjoyed. As a result, Mark the magician was born. Living in the area of the Pocono mountains, I became a birthday party magician and started to become known as the Stroudsburg Birthday Magician. Yes, I was the guy to call when you wanted the most awesome time at your child’s birthday. I have lot’s of ways to make your events stress-free too. This is one of the many added- free services I offer people like you who are trying to make the most of their parties.

I know, many people think that as an entertainer all we do is show up at the party, have fun and leave. The reality of the situation is that we do so much more that people aren’t even aware of. This includes guiding parents away from little mistakes that we have to spend countless hours learning. Like this one, when your neighbor is a beekeeper and has 15 hives full of bees, I suggested to the birthday mom that we move the sweet cotton candy and sugar drinks away from the area where we were going to have the magic show. Who would have thought that a Stroudsburg Birthday Magician could save the day in this way?  The bees stayed off the children as a result. Nothing against the bees, I am a bee keeper myself and I love them. However, the children do not need to experience a bee sting during a magic show. It’s just a simple fix. What did it take to fix it? Countless hours working with bees and children on my part. As a Stroudsburg Birthday Magician, my job is to make your party a success. Regardless of what happens at your event, my job is to keep the party rolling. Here is another example of how this Stroudsburg Birthday Magician works to help keep your event a success.

So you started looking for a magician for Halloween near East Stroudsburg PA and you have landed here on the blog page of Halloween magician Mark Mysterrio the funniest magician on the planet. That’s Awesome for sure. Halloween is our favorite time of the year and we know it is yours too. This season may be unique due to the Co-Vid-Virus that we have all been hearing so much about.

Keep in mind that it is still safe to celebrate Halloween if you use the suggested guidelines and keep everyone safe. As you search for a magician for Halloween near East Stroudsburg PA, you may want to take your show and your party to a whole new level by going virtual. We have many programs that can suit you and you can see those by clicking here.