It happens every year, your child or grandchild has a birthday, and you want to make it extra special. We understand and we celebrate that. No, I mean, we literally celebrate that. The reason is simple, we are the leading children’s birthday magician in Blairstown NJ. We know that may sound like a hard claim to back up and rest assured it often is, however, we can only go by what our past and current clients tell us. Enough about us, at least for now. You see, we really want to know more about you and with good reason too. You are having a birthday party and most likely want to have a magician at your child’s party.

As a children’s birthday magician in Blairstown NJ, we have many options that may suit your entertainment needs. Having said that, the birthday party magic show in New Jersey is not about us at all, it’ s really all about you and your party expectations. You see, without people like you, our company would not be around long. Every birthday magician in Blairstown New Jersey needs a place to bring their magic show. Having said that, not every magician is right for your birthday party event. Many people think that all magicians are created equal, and this simply is not true. Magicians can be a dime a dozen but, each one has an amazing skill set. Some are great for adult parties and others, like Mr. Mysterrio are awesome with mixed audiences like those found at family gatherings.

Mark Mysterrio is a leading children’s birthday party magician. As a children’s birthday magician in Blairstown NJ, Mark does over 300 shows each and every year. Just so you know, Mark is a full time professional magician. There are some magic folks who do it part time as a side job. It is important to keep in mind that you often get what you pay for in this business and as a result, the part time guy charges as much or a little less than a full time professional. So, what is the difference? Well, it’s not just the price you pay. Often it is the experience level of the magician with the way they treat the children. Regardless of if you go with us or another magician, let me get you some valuable information so we can make your Blairstown birthday party unforgettable. Call us at 1-872-21-MAGIC or click here to tell us where to send you no obligation information package.