Attention Parents Of Stuck At Home, Bored Children…

Imagine A Holiday Program In Your Own Home, That Is So Much Fun And So Entertaining, Not Only Will The Kids Love It, But, The Whole Family Will Talk About It Well Into The New Year!

Mark Mysterrio here. You may or may not know me, so, please allow me to take a brief second to introduce myself. I am a professional magician and World Record Holder who creates magical programs for children that are so fun and exciting they often become the talk of the town.  Along with my assistant, Miss Direction, we combine clean comedy magic, audience participation, and fun to create an in house field trip experience that will be remembered.  

Here Is What We Have In Store For You To Make Sure It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Let’s face it, We all know that the holiday season can be a stressful time of the yea during normal years…and NOW we have a Covid emergency. Even during a pandemic, the children are excited and eager to do something. It’s often too cold during the Winter months to let them go outside. As you can imagine taking the children anywhere is impossible.

Lucky for everyone, Old Man Winter can’t keep our in house field trip experience away. Why? Simple, we bring the fun and excitement to you, right inside your home with our virtual holiday magic show. There is no need for you to go outside or anywhere for that matter. You simply sit back, grab the children, and sit them down for an experience everyone will remember for a long time.


Mark Mysterrio’s Magic Holiday Seasonal Spectacular

Is A Guaranteed Way To Lessen Your Holiday Stress. 

This program features Amazing Magic, Clean Comedy, Storytelling, Audience Participation along with SANTA speaking to the children from the North Pole.  Yes, this program has all the elements of a school field trip. All from the comfort of your own home. It’s a secret recipe for non-stop fun. In addition to magic, comedy, and storytelling, we have several appearances of everyone’s favorite “Jolly Ole’ Elf” that talks to the audience directly from the North Pole using the modern technology of Santa Time.

Santa Time is the latest technology that Santa uses to show himself to the audience right on your TV or Computer Screen. 

At any point during the magic show, Santa could BUZZ in with a very important message. This makes the children shiver with anticipation and enriches the sense of wonder and excitement, even if the children don’t believe in Santa or magic. Because the show is RECORDED, you can watch it as many times as you like. 
















Tickets On Sale Now Only $10 Click To Purchase. A portion from every ticket will benefit Ohana Food Pantry INC. (In Monroe County, PA.)  Want to donate even more? Just buy a 2nd ticket.