How much is a magician for an hour? As a professional entertainer, I get that question a lot. Everyone under the sun wants to know what they will pay for an hour’s entertainment. The funny part is that we don’t sell our service by the hour or in a block of time. Having said that, we understand that you may be having an event that runs for six hours or a set amount of time. This is fine, however, what we really are offering you a set price based on how many shows we do to fulfill your needs. There are several factors that pay into the over all pricing structure and time is only a small fraction of them.

When someone asks the question: How much is a magician for an hour? It may seem to come off rude or like that person is looking to cut to the chase. This is often not the case. In most instances, people simply do not know where to start or what questions to ask. As a result, they jump to the pricing question. It is the job of the entertainer to educate the prospect in regards to what they really may need and start them thinking about things they need to take into consideration before addressing the pricing structure. Doing this in any other order is simply not helping your prospective client.

How much is a magician for an hour? Well, it really isn’t that simple. You see, not all magicians are created equal. Now, that is not a slam to my fellow magicians. It is more a helpful statement and here is why. If you have a group of one hundred pre-school children and you engage the services of a magician who, unknowingly to you, only does card tricks, you will be highly disappointed. Sure, the adults may have more fun than they have had at a children’s party in a long time, but, the little ones are going to be bored quickly. Why? The reason is simple, it is not the right magic for this audience. Any magician who books that show would be doing the audience and his or her client a huge disservice.

As you can see, booking a magic show or any entertainment on just the question How much is a magician for an hour? is not a good idea. The easiest way to understand pricing is to know that first, you are getting the right form of entertainment, in this case, you are getting the correct magician for your event. The easiest way to know this for sure is to talk with the magician and see where his or her expertise is. If he is a family entertainer, he should be great for a family audience. If she is a corporate magician, she may be great at gathering a crowd. So, ask yourself what are my needs and does this entertainer align with my goals?


Asking the question: How much is a magician for an hour? Has it’s time and purpose. Just keep in mind that an hourly pricing structure should never be the reason you hire any entertainer. Think of it like this, would you ever say to your most respected neighbor something like, yeah we got this dude cheap? Of Course Not! You don’t ever want the price to be the reason you do something. Our suggestion is to ask yourself what you expect of the entertainer. Why are they going to be at your party or event? Is it just as an extra touch or are they part of the main focus?

If they are part of the main focus know that when you ask the question How much is a magician for an hour? the price is now partially dependent on how much they have to do to make that event amazing. For every entertainer, there may be a cost associated with an event that you don’t stop to think about. For example, do they have an office manager to handle calls or a website or social media advertisement person who also needs to get paid? All of these things are taken into consideration when an entertainer or anyone in a service business quotes you a price. As you can see, there are so many factors that get factored into your quote.


Going back to the question How much is a magician for an hour? Would you still ask that upfront? So many people do it simply because they don’t know any better. The price is or should be, just another line we have to cross off at some point. It’s like buying groceries. We get all the items on the list and simply follow up with payment. Employing a magician should be like that. You should be able to say to the entertainer, this is what I want. If he or she checks off all the boxes, you move forward with the sale.

How much is a magician for an hour? That is not the bigger question, the bigger question becomes: Are you getting value for the money you are spending? As you can clearly see, value should outweigh the cost any day. Making sure you get the more qualified entertainment at a great price is simply common sense. In reality, any entertainer will do if you are in a pinch perhaps, but, when you can be selective, you can make sure that you get everything you want including a great price on the entertainer that fits your wants and needs. Great value is more of the issue and not so much just a great price. Feel free to contact Mark Mysterrio and see if one of his many shows fits your needs. You can call 1-872-21-MAGIC. Mr. Mysterrio is a highly skilled family magician. This means he and his assistant Miss Direction can work with a mixed audience of children and adults. Mark can enhance any event because he can work with adults, children, and every audience in between. Call 1-872-21-MAGIC