Magicians are a dime a dozen or so they say. Did you ever wonder why someone would search for a magician for daycare in the first place? Well, there are many reasons. First, it is no secret that children love magic. The thing is, you need a highly skilled pro. When children at an early age see magic, they have an expectation that adults don’t always have. The children want bright colors, they want to laugh as well as say ooh and ahh. The magic for this audience group can’t be cards or a truck full of over the head jokes and puns, it has to be silly and fun. This takes talent without a doubt.

Hiring a magician for daycare is an easy job once you found the right magic man or magic woman. As a preschool performer, I get called back several times each month because I am able to hold the attention and make the crowd go wild in an organized fashion. I do this by making them part of the show and by providing them a theme to follow and become part of. I would not give up this job if you paid me twice as much to stay home, It comes from the heart and soul of my being, I love it as long as the children are having a great time.

My show only has 3 rules and most of those go right out the window after we start having a great time. Yes, searching for a magician for daycare is not a job I would want, however, being the magician who entertains preschoolers and eve the daycare staff, I’ve made a full-time profession out of that. Perhaps that’s why the daycares call me back so often. We have so many programs that everyone loves. You can see our amazing daycare magic shows here. We travel near East Stroudsburg PA and into Northern New Jersey too.