Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, there is a place where vacationers love to spend time.
This is vacation destination is the popular Pocono Mountains. When it comes to the Poconos,
Pocono’s mountain magician Mark Mysterrio knows a thing or two about the area for sure.
The Poconos, as it is sometimes called, has been featured in many magazines and television commercials for the wide range of resorts that the area hosts. The area plays home to places like popular honeymoon hotels, a casino, and many places where people can go when they want to go hiking and snow tubing.

This is just some of the Pocono Magic. According to Wikipedia,
the Poconos gets its name from a Munsee word. The literal translation is Creek between two hills. This is certainly fitting for the mountain region of the Poconos.

This area is home to the East Stroudsburg University.
The local university is home to thousands of students and has been for over one
hundred years. Some of the things that can be studied here are education, recreation,
tourism, and nursing skills to name a few. There are not any courses in magic at the
university, but, if there were, Pocono Mountains magician Mark Mysterrio would undoubtedly
be there to learn and teach the skills of being a magician. Who knows, perhaps we could see a course
like this in the near future, in the Pocono area we never say never. Having a mix of people who come ‘
from New York City, New Jersey, and Beyond, we quickly learn to never say never because you never knowwhat could happen in a New York minute.

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