Are you looking for the Stroudsburg Stilt Walkers? Well, truth be told there are not many in the area. However, if you are looking for an act that will stand out with your guests, the magic of Mark Mysterrio may be just what you are looking for. Don’t get us wrong, stilt walkers have their place and that is in the circus. They don’t belong at a child’s birthday party or family event. The truth is that they are at a high risk of hurting someone. It doesn’t matter how well they trained, when they fall they come down fast and hard. We don’t understand why someone would risk their birthday by using a stilt walker at their child’s party or backyard event.

Magic seems to be more enjoyed by children at a birthday party in place of one of the Stroudsburg stilt walkers. Don’t get us wrong, they look great in a parade or at a car dealership. However, a child’s birthday party is more about the children and their interaction with the entertainer. How can the stilt walker interact when he or she is so high up in the air? It’s impossible. They wind up yelling at the children below. A magician like Mr. Mysterrio has been the children’s favorite since 1986 and the reasons are simple. Mysterrio provides a show where the child is the star. As a result, all the focus is on the birthday child, not the entertainer. This is where it should be placed. The entertainer is there to enhance the event and the best way to do that is to have the star of the show be the special guest of honor, not the entertainer.

Look, the parade is coming up soon. If you want to see one of the Stroudsburg stilt walkers you will have plenty of opportunity as they walk by in the parade. On the other hand, if you want high-quality entertainment for your next birthday party, feel free to reach out to World Record Holder and Magician Mark Mysterrio. Mr.Mysterrio is the birthday party expert and together with his assistant Miss Direction, they will make your next event unforgettable and fun. In fact, we guarantee everything in writing. You will love the show and so will all of your guests. You can rest assured that Mysterrio has been doing magic shows since 1986 and has more positive reviews than any of the Stroudsburg stilt walkers who claim to care about their clients. Don’t be fooled by the feeling the circus generates when it comes into town once a year. You don’t want the one-and-done entertainer at your show, you want and need the guy or girl who has been in it for the long haul and is truly the expert. That expert is Mark Mysterrio and he cares about making your birthday party fun and unforgettable. Feel free to click here to see his video or request more information on how he can make your next event unforgettable and fun.