There are tons of magic dudes looking for work. A local birthday magician in Stroudsburg may take any price you offer them if they are out of work. Having said that, they will do a job that is compatible to what you pay them. Most general, run of the mill magicians are just that. Don’t let those guys be confused with Mark Mysterrio World Record Holder & Magician. Mark has been in the birthday party and birthday event business since 1986 and he is a seasoned professional. Mysterrio does over 300 events each and every year and has no other job. What does that mean to you? Simple, you can trust that you are getting the highest level of service you can from a local magician.

As a birthday magician in Stroudsburg, Mark is asked to come to many birthday shows every year and due to supply and demand, many people who plan their event too late have to risk being disappointed. Mysterrio simply can not come to every event just because someone one says I see magic and I want Mysterio there. Yes, many people have to go with a low budget magician who has a low budget show. Think of it like hiring a glorified babysitter to watch the kids and do their best to try and keep the kids entertained. We know, it can be a nightmare for the parent and we certainly don’t want our show to be that babysitter. The Mr. Mysterrio Show is the Lexus of magic shows. However, people who show up late get to eat whatever is left over, if you know what we mean. So solve this problem by planning early. Mr. Mysterrio would love to come to your party this year as the sought after birthday magician in Stroudsburg, it is his job to keep your guests happy and entertained.