Anyone who has ever seen a local magic show is well aware that there are so many ways a magic show can go. Magic guys are funny, some are serious, some are professional and some come off as having an ego a mile and a half long or being hard to deal with. The question you need to find the answer to is how do you find a Stroudsburg Birthday Magician that is perfect for your event? The answer can be as easy as talking to the magician through email or on the phone. You want to get an idea of the personality of the magician and see if he or she is a great fit for your event. It really is that simple.

Mark Mysterrio has been doing birthday party events since 1986 and is known as the leading magician in the Pocono area and beyond. People call him when they want to have a party and want to find a magician in Stroudsburg PA. As more and more people move into the area, they are rediscovering The Mr. Mysterrio Show. If you are new to the area of magic and want to check out a magician, there is a good chance that Mark knows him. Mr. Mysterrio suggests other area magicians all the time. Having a magic show is all about your party and your needs. It is not about the magician or the tricks they do.

So, How Do You Find A Stroudsburg Birthday Magician?

Magicians are a dime a hundred! Keep in mind that you can always find a magician, the question is if he or she is the right magician for you. You need to talk to the magician and tell him or her what you want to see happen at your event. For example, if you want to make an elephant appear, this could be done at a birthday party BUT, it is not always easy for the magician to make it happen. As a result, if the magician can not do it because it is not his strong point, he should be honest and open with you. He should simply say that he can not do it. Many of the magicians will mislead you just to get the job and once you get them there at your party, they can not deliver on producing the elephant. My point here is simple, don’t set yourself up for failure by hiring the wrong guy to get the job done or having expectations that are too high.

A Stroudsburg Birthday Magician should be able to offer you clean comedy with no off-color jokes. They should make the birthday child the star of the show and make all of the guests enjoy what they are doing. It’s not about the magic of the magician. It is more about the entertainment and fun time that is created. It is the audience’s interaction that is so important and its a shame that so many magicians miss the goal here by thinking it’s about the magic and the skill level of the magician.

Mark Mysterrio is a professional magician who is the leading Stroudsburg Birthday Magician. You can reach him by calling 1-872-21-MAGIC or my going to his birthday magician website by clicking here.