I see magic and it’s not all the same. Let me tell you what I mean. too often people see a magic show or magician and think that all of the magicians are the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Each magic show and each magician is unique, no two are the same. Why? Because no two people are the exact same. We all have unique skill levels and as magicians, some of us are better working with adults and some of us are better with children. You wouldn’t take a TV magician who uses a huge stage production like Jeff McBride and hire him to do your child’s birthday party. It just would not be the correct fit for your birthday party on so many levels.

When someone says I See Magic, even on a website…you would hope that they don’t talk about their wonderful balloon animal creations and their moon bounces or face painting skills. There are so many generic magic companies out there. They say we do magic and after that, they also do balloons and have a petting zoo and make balolon animals and sell real estate and next thing you know you are involved in a MLM business. Hey, let me make this easy for you. Mr. Mysterrio does one thing. “We Create Unforgettable Magic Shows For People Of Planet Earth.” Simple, that is all we do. We just do Magic. So, when you see Mark Mysterrio World Record Holder and Magician in action, rest assured you can say: I See Magic.

The use of the word MAGIC has become over used. People use it to describe all most anything. Think about all the TV products that have used the word that have nothing to do with entertainment. In any other business the level of ethics is a standard practice. However, in the world of magicians it seems we can use the word MAGIC and use it as an umbrella to sell you our popcorn machine, our cotton candy or the latest Multi-level marketing company. How unethical is that? Think about it! All you wanted is a magic show and you are getting ‘pitched’ everything else under the sun. That’s not fair to use as a client, is it? Would your medical doctor tell you about the latest vitamin MLM company not certified by the FDA? NO Way! Because it is unethical. Why do some ‘claim to be magicians’ do it and get away with it? Simple, because no magician speaks up about it.

When you say to me: I See Magic I want you to tell me about the magic you saw. Do you know the magician’s name? Did he really do magic or just twist balloons on Tuesday at the local restaurant?  Is he getting paid to work or is he just working cheap or for free? If he is doing cheap shows or free shows, he is not a professional. Regardless of what he tells you. He will get a name as: The Cheapest Magician in the business. You do not need the cheapest magician at your birthday party or family event because their lack of experience is going to let you down. If you want to see the worst magician ever, click here. Here is another one for you.

I See Magic:

So, what does real magic look like? Experience it for yourself. Mark Mysterrio wants to show you.