Hey’s it’s Mark Mysterrio here. I have to tell you that as a magician, I have people who hear my name, see me on TV or hear me on the radio and they try to ride on my coattails. Now, I am not saying that Mysterio is an original name, it’s not. However, when you name your book magic with Mysterio and are trying to work the same area as me, Well, you are trying to ride my cape tails, it’s really that simple. So, Who is Rio this eight-year-old boy and what does he have to do with Mysterio?¬† I have no clue, I guess we’ll have to read the book huh?

Just remember that Mark Mysterrio spells his name with 2 R’s and not one. So it’s not: Magic With Mysterio. I didn’t run any kick starters to try and get money for a book that I’m going to profit from. Why you look at my show and say I See Magic taht is what you will see too. When we look at a webpage that says I see magic and we see balloons and moon bonuces and this and that and 100 things that are not related to magic, we have a jack of all trades and a master of none. This is clearly a case of you get what you pay for and let the buyer beware.¬†Remember, It’s Magic with Mysterrio, Not Magic With Mysterio. If you are not sure what the difference is just to ask one of my clients. They will tell you it’s worth the price to have that extra R. It’s kinda like buying a vowel on the wheel of fortune. See you soon.