Why Use A Lake Harmony Magician?

Lake Harmony has so much to offer people this area is home to the Split Rock Resort and located close to everything fun. Lake Harmony is what is known as a glacial lake and it is located in Kidder Township. That’s in Carbon County PA. This lake flows into the Lehigh River.

Mark Mysterrio, One of the most requested PA birthday party magicians has done many shows around the Lake Harmony area and even on the beach at Split Rock Resort for many family celebrations. There is nothing like seeing the faces of the people being entertained by magic at Lake Harmony PA.

Split Rock Resort is home to many conventions, some good and some bad. The bottom line is they have no control over the actual conventions hosted there, they just lease the property to the people putting on teh conventions. They even had a magic convention years back. These modern day conventions include everything from Anime to Boring. We know that many would argue that Anime and boring are one in the same, however, to each his own.


Finding a PA Party Magician in Lake Harmony is easy to do. It is as simple as finding a Carbon County magician. Magician Mark Mysterrio has been at the Carbon County Fair doing his magic for many years with the sideshows that go in there time to time. Mark is getting ready to tour the many PA Anime Conventions with his newest book, look for that soon. Mark did what all good conventions do, he borrowed $20,000 which he has no intentions of paying back. ( we are kidding ) to finance his master plan.

As you search for the best magicians in Lake Harmony you are bound to see several names come up. Entertainment in Lake Harmony is quite popular. There is so much to do in the local area that the area has become one of the thriving areas of the Poconos. If you need a magician in Lake Harmony PA to work at your birthday party or a fmaily event, call us at 1.872.21.MAGIC and allow us to entertain your guests. We’ll have more fun than a barrel of Adarna birds, whatever that means.

Top Three Events To Use A Lake Harmony Magician.

There are many reasons to engage the unique services of a Lake Harmony magician. If you go to a resort like Split Rock Resort located in Lake Harmony PA chances are you might find a magician doing a show there. However, there are any number of events where you can use a magician and here are a few of them.


Lake Harmony Anime Conventions.

Not many anime conventions happen in Lake Harmony, but, when they do, having a magician there to enhance the experience is a great idea. As a Lake Harmony Anime Convention magician, we can get people to your event or table. For example, if you are selling a product or service at an anime convention, you can use our magical skills to get more people to your table, to buy your products or whatever. Magicians and anime go hand in hand. There are many magicians involved with anime and comics. Some of the top names in anime voice overs are magicians.


Lake Harmony Resort Shows

 Many magicians are willing to work their magic at Lake Harmony Resort Shows. The Mr. Mysterrio magic show is always doing shows in the Lake Harmony areas. If you go to a resort in Lake Harmony and they need a magician call us  and we will be more than happy to bring the show to them.


Lake Harmony Birthday Party

When you are having a birthday party, it is a no brainer to use a magician to make your event unforgettable and fun. A Lake Harmony birthday party magician can do a show inside or outside. This is a great event to have a magician at.

To engage the services of Mister Mysterrio feel free to email him at [email protected] or call his phone number at 1.872.21.MAGIC.You can also visit his main page by clicking the word Magician.